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Welcome to the Concept Engine Home Page


Welcome to the Concept Engine Home Page. Available on this site are a comprehensive listing of the latest concepts in engine design , from all over the world , ranging from France to Turkey , Canada , Spain , Australia , Germany , Great Britain , Japan , India and the United States. The Central focus of the site however are two concept engines by the author namely the "Rotary Pulse Jet Engine "and the " Concept IC engine."

In the United States alone there are today more than 150 million cars not counting , heavy vehicles such as buses , trucks, cranes and other commercial vehicles. World-wide the number of cars is around 500 million and this number is steadily increasing. When one considers that the Internal combustion engine , whether powered by spark ignition as in petrol engines or by compression as in diesel engines , used in these cars has an efficiency of less than 25% and that the greater part of the remaining 75% of energy generated is routed out through the exhaust in the form of unburned fuel and toxic used fuel products, the problems posed by pollution and waste come sharply into focus. Yet the automobile remains the main stay of land transport , its use is essential to civilization as we know it. It is therefore fundamental to the interests of preserving the environment and conservation of fuel that serious research is undertaken to improve the efficiency of the IC engine. By comparison the electric motor has an efficiency of 90% and the turbines used in jet planes reach an efficiency of 70% - 75%. Yet these types of power plant are for various reasons unsuited for use in automobiles.

What is needed is a power plant for cars which would yield efficiencies of 100% and more , this might sound ambitious , yet the advent of computers makes this figure easily attainable. Technologies such as the fuel cell are decades away yet the need of the hour is an immediate solution. Presented on this site are two innovative and well thought out concept engine designs which claim to do just that.

. The first concept design the "Rotary Pulse jet engine" an animation of which can be seen at the introduction to this site is a long term concept which will need , comparatively speaking , considerable financial input and work to be completed. The second design the "Concept IC engine" is a simple yet innovative design which needs little work and is immediately available for implementation at very little cost. Both designs offer the advantage of zero emission and technical efficiency exceeding that of present engines. Visitors to the site are requested to send in their ideas and comments.If you have any questions you might find the answers to them on the FAQ page. Kindly check it out.


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